These are the ambassadors for the
Online-Photocontest »heartbeat of nature« 2016

Outstanding wildlife photographers support this competition hoping to encourage nature photography. They have taken exemplary photographs, set examples of environmental protection and established visual standards.

Markus Mauthe

Markus Mauthe is a trained photographer who, because of his love of nature, he soon discovered a preference for landscape photography. He has been producing high quality slide presentations, calendars and photo books for years. With his inimitable photographic perspective, his images reveal the beauty of this world, while accompanying texts draw attention to the need to preserve it. He has been working as a consultant for Greenpeace, with an emphasis on forest and climate protection.

Album with photographs by Markus Mauthe
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David Hettich

David Hettich, an ambassador for the oceans, has been reporting for years on his encounters with sharks, dolphins and manta rays. He discovered a passion for water when he was just 13 years old, and his log book today covers 2500 dives all over the world. Equipped with his camera, he regularly gets up real close to the oceans' largest denizens, resulting in pictures that have appeared in commercial campaigns, calendars and magazines. His sensitive, live reportage, Galapagos – Auf den Spuren Charles Darwins (Galapagos – in the footsteps of Charles Darwin), delighted viewers and the press in all German-speaking countries. He is a member of the Ocean Geographic Society and assigned member of the Gesellschaft für Bild & Vortrag (Society for Pictures & Lectures). In collaboration with photo journalist Tobias Hauser, he organizes the yearly MUNDOlogia Festival for Photography, Adventure and Travel in his home town of Freiburg. David Hettich has been presented by National Geographic as an »Ambassador for the Oceans« since 2011.

Album with photographs by David Hettich
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Timm Allrich

Timm Allrich, was born in Schwerin, studied medicine at the University of Rostock and now works as a doctor back in his home town, Schwerin. For many years now, photography has represented both a balance and a passion. He mostly photographs wildlife and landscapes, in particular in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. With his eye for special lighting and fascinating perspectives, he creates pictures with a very unique and impressive imagery. His photos have become known in recent years thanks to media presentations by the Mecklenburg-West Pomerania Tourism Association, the Mecklenburg Lake District Tourism Association, and the Mecklenburg-West Pomerania Festival. Last year his images were used for the »20 Years M-WP« jubilee calendar.

Album with photographs by Timm Allrich
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Dirk Bleyer

Had he lived during the Middle Ages, Dirk Bleyer would probably have become a sailor and set off to unknown shores: with Columbus to the west, or with Bartolomeu Diaz south along the coast of Africa. Nowadays he spends his time battling his way through the jungle of New Guinea, or crossing the Masurian lake district. His adventures began with a two and a half year trip from the north to the south of Africa, followed by a year and a half travelling through South-East Asia. These experiences have stayed with him; and finally the air and space technology engineer followed his heart and turned his life dream into a profession. As a photo journalist, travel narrator and book author, he has been presenting his travelogues (slide-multimedia shows) for over 15 year.
Practically right from the beginning, his subtly humorous but profound shows were stamped with the coveted »Leicavision« seal of approval. He was called to the Society for Image and Presentation, where he was chosen to be on the Board. He supports aid projects in a number of countries.

Album with photographs by Dirk Bleyer
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Norbert Rosing

Norbert Rosing pursued three careers before deciding to turn his hobby into a profession in 1992. Since then, he has travelled the world as a professional wildlife and nature photographer. He started out as a salesman, then a soldier and then a caregiver. It was a profound decision that would influence his whole life. At the end of the eighties he started working on the kingdom of polar bears. He continues to work on that theme, which has opened up the doors to the most important magazines and book publishers in the world for him. Over 20 stories have appeared in the National Geographic Magazine USA and Germany. He is equally fascinated by Yellowstone National Park, and by the nature right outside his front door in Germany. All the subjects have appeared and appear in books, calendars, DVDs, and so on. The secret of his success may well be in his trained eye and the persistence with which he stays on and becomes part of the subject. Rosing has appeared on various TV talk shows, been giving talks for years, received prizes from renowned competitions and is in demand as a juror. As patron of the multimedia shows, he is very involved in the »horizons zingst« Environmental Photo Festival.

Album with photographs by Norbert Rosing
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